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Exclusive producer: Musik Research
Artist: Emix Oblivion
Title: "I CAN BE"
Format: single
Label code: MR 085
Genre: EDM, electro, progressive
Written by Bartoccetti - Emix Oblivion
Played & arranged by Bartoccetti - Emix Oblivion
Mixed by Emix Oblivion
Studio producer: Musik Research team
Published by Bartoccetti Music
Recording studio: Musik Research
Video created by : (coming soon)
Digital distribution: Musik Research
"I CAN BE" (P) & (C) Musik Research

Licensing: musik-research@fastnet.it
Release date: October 2015

" I CAN BE "

EMIX OBLIVION ha firmato con Musik Research.
Rexanthony (presidente dell'etichetta Musik Research), ha ritenuto valido il demo di Emix Oblivion definendolo embrionalmente creativo e originale. Presto tutti in studio per sviluppare il progetto e trasformarlo nel primo singolo (area edm-progressive) che esce worldwide a Ottobre 2015. Nella foto Emix Oblivion accanto ai suoi due strumenti storici preferiti in assoluto, Roland TR909 e Roland TB303 Bassline del Musik Research Studio. 

The single: " I CAN BE "

" Hi , I'm Emix Oblivion:
my first collaboration with the Musik Research team finally achieved its goal. We worked hardly to compose and record the track 'I Can Be', many times keeping late night. Much time has been spent to create some new electronic sound, working at 192Khz, and the final mix is absolutely in step with the Dutch and American top productions.
Keep in touch with me listening to 'I Can Be' broadcasted on radios and attending my performances at the european clubs. "
by Emix Oblivion


Emix Oblivion